Life is the dancer

Perceptual was created in collaboration with DOCK 11 Dance studio for POOL Festival 2017. The project was inspired by the murals and street art that surrounds the property of DOCK 11 in Berlin’s popular neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg. Here there are stencils of street art and graffiti strewn across every wall in sight, not to mention the remainder of paper stencils and posters that are half peeling off the walls as a reminder of a moment and a time that has passed. The place definitely has character.

Dock 11 asked us to create a story around movement and the building that we were in. There are many symbols that represent the chapters of the years that go by. We organised these chapters or symbols into a dance or a meditation. We constructed a temporary wall and created a projection mapping story to allow the audience to flow, ponder and take a moment to reflect. Sometimes when we are in the middle of great life event, we may not realise its significance in the grand scale until we have time to look back, connect the dots.

Perceptual poster


The animation  and motion graphics for this project were created in After Effects. The projection mapping was done using Resolume. 

POOL Festival
Motion Graphics & Animation
Orla Casey
Sound Design
Orla Casey