Thinking gets you from A - B

Photography is a very potent source of inspiration for me, especially in digital format. I know many people can debate about purity and so on and so forth but I am one of those people who grew up experimenting on paint application on a computer that was probably bigger than me when I was 4 years old. To me, digital art came as naturally as traditional. Sometimes, I’m all about those sunset skies and truth be told, there is no digital representation that will ever compare but my attitude is why replicate when the digital format can expand and evolve expression. Every element used in these images are from my own collection of photography. After years of practice, there is a large library to experiment with.

The first image in the collection is a collage between 2 macro photos I took. One of droplets on a leaf and the background is a macro shot of oil in the light. It has a different quality to it that a gradient blend, it’s totally unique. The background to the OM symbol is a photo of the stars from Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. Mathematics has also merged its way into my creativity, by applying creative code, all sorts of new discoveries are made, patterns and language evolves in the visual arts.


Creativity is contagious.