Led to Water

Being by the water makes sense to me, it’s where I chew on my current mind’s meanderings and where I find solace. When I was younger a friend of mine use to say that when she needed to talk to someone or tell a secret, she’d go to a tree. Well, for me, growing up with the ocean at my doorstep, I would walk to the water and along the sea rocks and sea walls I’d tell my secrets or let off the things I could not say or just find that peace that I could not find elsewhere. I love being by the water, it’s the most beautiful place I know, and being immersed in it feels incredibly liberating, always.

I have been each and every one of the people in the gallery below, from a moment to unload my thoughts, to taking in a view that’s sublime to say the least, from splashing around with friends to simply chilling by the blue on a summer’s day, the simple things are truly the most exquisite, I often feel this way once my feet are in.

Photography/travel/ October 16, 2015

Puglia – Italy October 16, 2015 Reflective October 16, 2015