Puglia – Italy

Life in Puglia is passed at a peaceful pace. My travels around the region led me to wander through the most charming cobblestone labyrinths and passageways, uncovering these incredibly delightful and quaint little homes boasting the sounds of the hustle and bustle of daily life. It was around Easter time, so there were plenty of goings on, just not work… which was actually such a blessing.

My exploration of these towns, villages and their winding passages, led me to encounter some very friendly characters; a ticket stamper on the train ( he kindly looked the other way when he realised I had no ticket, pinched my cheek and walked away), welcoming locals from Bari and Ostuni, a generous couchsurfing host,  and a collection of charming craftsmens in particular, those who really weren’t in the least bit shy or dissuaded to talk to me despite my complete lack of the Italian language, I even received an inappropriate kiss from one elderly artist. They welcomed me into their workshops, pointed and gestured, I nodded to what i could deduce from the scenario.

They’ve got a hell of a lot of character down south, and clearly they’re affectionate about Mary, that’s one thing I definitely picked up on…

Italy/Photography/travel/ October 16, 2015

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