My goal is to push the boundaries in realising meaningful experiences through communication design and space. My media design practices range from immersive virtual reality design, Photography, Videography, Motion Graphics,  Creative Coding and Media Space design . I am a storyteller, my medium is the image. I am dedicated to enriching my knowledge about our well-being and use it to develop my design practice in a way that can be functional and purposeful to guide the way for positive change. I’m an observer, a curious person and draw inspiration from many different disciplines, from the arts and culture, nature and sciences, to the innovative and evolving platforms of the digital world.

I am a member of the Austrian Schmiede Arts Collective and Enspiral Global Network. I’m also a contributor to TOA, my most recent Virtual Reality experience was selected as part of the Future Arcade at Europe’s Leading Interdisciplinary Design Festival, Tech Open Air. This biofeedback VR project has led me to give a number of public talks on the topic of virtual reality and well-being and the use of tech as a tool that serves our well-being and quality of life.


I am available for creative direction, VR development and consultation. I develop media content, photography, video, motion graphics and offer video editing.