My name is Orla Casey, I’m a creative, an observer, interpreter, traveler and visual communicator. I’m inspired by this fascinating world around me; the design of nature, the personalities of people, cultural practices, amazing places and spaces,  patterns and structures and trying to gain an understanding of what I am led to or exposed to. My aspiration is simply to honour that which inspires me, in hopes that I can share my joyful wonder of this world with each and every other.

I am a traveler and fortunately this passion had been ignited and practiced from a young age. Discovering new places and experiencing living in different parts of the world has brought such intrigue into my life. Photography has been a tool into my investigation on how I perceive the world. There are so many possibilities and circumstances attached to every moment, when I started to engage with this, it opened up a new perspective to me on how I viewed the world.  For anything communicated without words, for capturing what the naked eye misses out on… I feel very grateful to have the opportunity and ability to share how I see and experience life, with others. It evolves, I’m always learning, becoming more aware of my environment, changes of light, significant moments and connecting with the present.

Thank you for visiting my page, I hope that it has brought some colour into your day.